Traineeships – The European Stagiaire


Taking a traineeship (known as a ‘Stagiaire’ or ‘stage’) with one of the EU Institutions is a great way to gain experience of working life in Brussels and, for many, the launch pad to an EU career. But even if you don’t end up pursuing a career with the EU, the experience and contacts made during the stage are likely to prove invaluable. 

All of the EU Institutions and agencies offer stages to University graduates. Most are for periods of five or six months and, in a majority of cases, are paid (at a typical rate of approximately €1000 per month).

Whether at the European Commission, Parliament or one of the smaller institutions or agencies, the work of a Stagiaire is typically extremely varied and rewarding, including everything from preparing policy and position papers to coordinating visits.

Unlike the recruitment for permanent posts, EPSO is not involved in the stage programme. Instead, each institution holds its own application process. You can find details of how some of the largest institutions manage applications here:

European Movement Ireland (EMI) provides a useful service for Irish graduates interested in pursuing a traineeship. As well as advertising the latest job and internship opportunities in Europe, EMI publishes an annual guide to the EU stage, the Green Book, specifically prepared for Irish applicants. The organisation is also available to answer questions about the stage and guide you through the application process. You can contact them at +353 (0) 1 662 5815 or by emailing