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Social Policy and Public Service Reform


Assistant Secretary:              John Shaw

Principal Officers:                  Eileen Kehoe, Denis Breen

The role of the Social Policy and Public Service Reform Division is to support the work of the Taoiseach and the Government to ensure that public policies and services support a socially inclusive and fair society and to assist in renewing and transforming the public service.  The Division does this through supporting the Cabinet Committees on Social Policy and Public Service Reform, Health, and Justice Reform, chairing the relevant Senior Officials Groups and working closely with other Government Departments and stakeholders.

The Division also supports the work of the Civil Service Management Board and the Civil Service Accountability Board in driving the implementation of the Civil Service Renewal Plan, published in October 2014.

The Division liaises with the Fennelly Commission of Investigation (Certain Matters relative to An Garda Síochána and other persons), and the Cregan Commission of Investigation into Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC) in relation to administrative matters.

The Programme for Government Office, responsible for oversight and reporting on implementation of the commitments contained in the Programme for Government across all Departments, falls within the remit of the Division.  An Annual Report sets out the progress made across Government towards meeting those commitments and reflects priorities for the year ahead.  The Division monitors the operation of the Freedom of Information and transparency initiatives in the Department.

The Department of the Taoiseach’s Strategy Statement 2015-2017 commits to engaging with stakeholders about strategic risks to future national well-being and to publishing the results annually.  The Division is responsible for the publication of this National Risk Assessment (NRA)  The NRA attempts to stimulate and facilitate debate on broader risks that may arise due to potential changes in the economic, financial, geo-political and social environment.

Departmental oversight for the National Economic and Social Council (NESC) is maintained by the Division.

Any queries in relation to the work of the Social Policy and Public Service Reform Division should be directed to: socialpolicy@taoiseach.gov.ie or (01) 619 4030.