Britain & Northern Ireland Affairs Section


Assitant Secretary: Eamonn Molloy

Principal Officer: Brenda Boylan

The British-Irish and Northern Ireland Affairs Section supports the work of the Taoiseach and Government in helping to maintain peace and develop new relationships on the island of Ireland and between Britain and Ireland. The Section deals with all aspects of British-Irish relations, including Brexit, Northern Ireland affairs and North-South cooperation.

The Section supports the Taoiseach in relation to ongoing implementation of the Good Friday Agreement  and subsequent Agreements with the objective of consolidating and maintaining lasting peace and prosperity on the island of Ireland. Working with colleagues across Government, the Section supports the Taoiseach with regard to his responsibilities to ensure ongoing implementation of Government commitments, including institutional arrangements such as the North South Ministerial Council and the British Irish Council.  The Section also works, with colleagues across Government, on issues in relation to North-South cooperation and economic development on an all-island basis as well as issues relating to the legacy of the past and reconciliation.

The Section also supports the Taoiseach and the Government to ensure a whole-of-government response to the UK’s decision to leave the EU and the upcoming negotiations and the particular implications for Northern Ireland and the British Irish relationship.

The Section supports the Taoiseach and the Minister of State for the Diaspora and Overseas Development regarding implementation of Global Irish: Ireland’s Diaspora Strategy published in March, 2015. 

It has a role, along with other areas within the Department and with other Government Departments, in contributing to the oversight and development of the State’s commemorations programme for the Decade of Centenaries and the 2016 Programme of commemoration.