International Section


Principal Officer: Cathal O'Regan

The International Section of the Department advises the Taoiseach on international policy and supports him as Head of Government in his international engagements, both bilaterally and through key international fora such as the United Nations and World Economic Forum with a particular focus on driving economic growth, job creation and increasing trade and exports.

The Section advises and supports the Taoiseach in his programme of international engagements based on the Government’s priorities as set out in the Programme for Government, and works to maximise the economic and political benefits to Ireland from visits by the Taoiseach as well as high level incoming visits by ensuring timely and appropriate follow up across Government and its Agencies.

The Section contributes to a whole-of-government approach to promoting, monitoring and improving Ireland’s international reputation with a particular focus on ensuring a coordinated approach across Government to events with significant positive reputational benefits to Ireland.

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