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Twelfth Dáil


(9.6. 1944 - 12.1.1948)

Fourth Government

Name: Eamon De Valera
Post held: Taoiseach and Minister for External Affairs (from: 9.6.44 to 18.2.48)

Name: Seán T. O Ceallaigh
Post held: Tánaiste and Minister for Finance (from 9.6.44 to 14.6.45)
Elected President of Ireland 14.6.45

Name: Seán F. Lemass
Posts held:
Tánaiste (from 19.6.45 to 18.2.48)
Minister for Industry & Commerce (from 9.6.44 to 18.2.48)
Minister for Supplies (from 9.6.44 to 31.7.45)
winding up of Dept and transfer of functions to the Minister for Industry & Commerce

Name: Frank Aiken
Posts held:
Minister for Co-Ordination of Defensive Measures (from 9.6.44 to 19.6.45 [termination of the office])
Minister for Finance (from 19.6.45 to 18.2.48)

Name: Sean McEntee
Post held: Minister for Local Government and Public Health (from: 9.6.44 to 18.2.48)
[Note: Title altered to Local Government from 22.1.47]

Name: Dr. James Ryan
Posts held:
Minister for Agriculture (from 9.6.44 to 21.1.47)
Minister for Health (from 22.1.47 to 18.2.47)
Minister for Social Welfare (from 22.1.47 to 18.2.47)

Name: Patrick Smith
Post held: Minister for Agriculture (from 22.1.47 to 18.2.48)

Name: Thomas Derrig
Post held: Minister for Education (from: 9.6.44 to 18.2.48)

Name: Gerald Boland
Post held: Minister for Justice (from: 9.6.44 to 18.2.48)

Name: Oscar Traynor
Post held: Minister for Defence (from: 9.6.44 to 18.2.48)

Name: Patrick J. Little
Post held: Minister for Posts and Telegraphs (from 9.6.44 to 18.2.48)

Name: Seán Moylan
Post held: Minister for Lands (from 9.6.44 to 18.2.48)



Name:*Eamonn Kissane
Post held: Taoiseach and Defence (from 9.6.44 to 18.2.48)

Name: Patrick Smith
Posts held:
Finance (from 9.6.44 to 31.12.46)
Agriculture (from 1.1.47 to 21.1.47 [ Appointed Min for Agriculture])

Name:*Seán O'Grady
Posts held:
Industry and Commerce (from 9.6.44 to 31.12.46)
Finance (from 1.1.47 to 18.2.48)

Name:Dr. Francis C. Ward
Post held: Local Government and Public Health (from 9.6.44 to 13.7.46)
Resigned following report of Tribunal

Name:*Erskine Childers
Post held: Local Government and Public Health
(from 9.6.44 to 21.147 when title to Dept changed to Local Government and thereon from 22.1.47 to 18.2.48)

Note * Appointments terminated on Dissolution of 12th Dáil on 12.1.48, (the Parliamentary Secretaries being in office on that date) Re-appointed for period 6.2.48 to 18.2.48



Name: Kevin Dixon
(from 9.6.44 to 30.4.46 [Appointed Judge of the High Court])

Name: Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh
(from 30.4.46 to 18.2.48)



Name: Maurice Moynihan
Post held: Secretary to the Government (continuous)

Name:Pádraig Ó Cinnéide
Post held: Assistant Secretary to the Government
(continuous to the 21.1.47 when appt Asst. Sec. Department of Health)

Name: Nioclás S. Ó Nualláin (22.1.47 continuous)

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