Irish Language Policy


Official Languages Scheme 2016 - 2019

This scheme was prepared in accordance with the Guidelines under Section 12 of the Official Languages Act 2003. it came into force on 29 February 2016.

The Content of the Language Scheme

This scheme builds on the principles of Quality Customer Service, and on the commitment in the Department's Customer Charter to ensure that customers who wish to conduct their business through Irish can do so. It sets out the extent to which services are currently available through Irish, and identifies areas for future enhancement. 

Please see here for a copy of the scheme.

Copies of our previous schemes from 2005 and 2009 are available below.

20-Year Strategy for the Irish Language 2010-2030

The 20-Year Strategy for the Irish Language outlines an integrated approach to the Irish language, in which 9 areas of action are specified, which are education, the Gaeltacht, the family, public services, the media and technology, dictionaries, legislation, the economy and cross-cutting initiatives. The relevant actions under the Strategy are being implemented by the various stakeholders, including this Department.

This Department's latest progress report under the Strategy is available here.

In addition, this Department's implementation plan in relation to the Strategy is available here.

Policy on Publication in Irish and English

In accordance with the Official Languages Act, the following documents are published in both Irish and English simultaneously:

  • Any document setting out public policy proposals
  • Any annual report
  • Any audited account or financial statement
  • Any statement of strategy required to be prepared under section 5 of the Public Service Management Act 1997

In addition, in order to recognise the spirit of the Act, and in line with our commitment to Quality Customer Service, we publish a range of other documents in each of the official languages - e.g.:

  • Customer Charter
  • An Bhratach Náisiúnta (The National Flag)
  • Cabinet Handbook
  • The Guide to Government Buildings
  • Public consultation documents
  • Commemorative booklets

Documents which do not set out public policy proposals, have limited circulation, and are aimed at specialist groups, are published in English only at present. Speeches are published on the website in the language in which they were given.

It is our policy that the text and graphics are available in both languages on the main pages of the Department's websites.

Contact details of personnel providing an Irish language service

Any comments or queries should be sent to