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26-07-1999 Taoiseach announces commitment of funds for new projects


The Taoiseach announced today that the Government has agreed an initial allocation of £7.7million to launch work on an extensive range of Information Society projects.

The Taoiseach was speaking at the opening of a new Computer Applications Building at Dublin City University, where he said:

"The allocation of an additional £7.7 million over the remainder of 1999, and the considerable further expenditure envisaged for the next three years, represent a major new impetus to the process of developing the Information Society in Ireland."

He went on to state that the £7.7 million allocation was the first step of a process which would see substantial investment over the next three years in order to achieve full implementation of the Government’s Action Plan on Implementing the Information Society in Ireland, which he launched earlier this year, particularly in the area of electronic delivery of public services.

The £7.7 million is being allocated to a range of projects, covering further infrastructural development, awareness raising initiatives, and electronic government. For example, £1 million will go towards the first phase of providing computers and internet access in public libraries. The Information Society Commission is to receive additional funding to support its awareness raising activities, including the Netd@ys initiative which will run from 13 to 21 November.

A total of fifteen Departments and offices will receive funding. Projects in the area of electronic government range from improved websites to fully interactive services such as filing of tax returns, accessing statistical databases and pursuing education and training facilities over the internet. (The full list of projects is appended.)

Commenting on the new Computer Applications Building at DCU, the Taoiseach said:

"we must constantly keep abreast of the latest technological developments, and ensure that course content and campus facilities are continually upgraded..... This new facility is evidence of the commitment to meeting these needs."

He went on to pay tribute to President of DCU, Danny O’Hare, adding that the programme of expansion and development was in keeping with the progressive character of the university.