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Taoiseach requests further Interim Report from the IBRC Commission of Investigation


Before deciding whether to grant the IBRC Commission's request in its Fifth Interim Report for an extension of its timeframe for reporting to the end of March 2020, and following consultations with Opposition party representatives, the Taoiseach has requested a further Interim Report from the Commission under section 33 of the Commissions of Investigation Act 2004, with:

  • any interim findings or conclusions which the Commission is in a position to make at this stage;
  • any options which the Commission believes would reduce the timeframe and/or cost for production of a final report on the first module of the investigation;
  • the Commission’s view of risks to completion of the first module of the investigation within the requested new timeframe (i.e. end-March 2020), and
  • the Commission’s best estimate of the likely final costs of the first module.

The Taoiseach has also extended the Commission’s timeframe until the end of March 2019.