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Public Consultation – Government Policy Statement on Economic Regulation


The Department of the Taoiseach invites submissions from interested parties in response to its consultation paper, “Government Policy Statement on Economic Regulation”. The focus of this consultation paper is on economic regulation. By economic regulation we mean key sectors already subject to economic regulation or due to be regulated in the near future.

Relevant submissions will form an important input into the drafting of a Government Policy Statement on Economic Regulation. The paper is available at the link below:

Submissions should be forwarded, to arrive by 5.00pm on Friday 17 May 2013 to:

Economic Regulation,
Dept of the Taoiseach,
Government Buildings,
Merrion Street,
Dublin 2

Email:   economicregulation@taoiseach.gov.ie

Please note that all submissions and comments submitted to the Department of the Taoiseach for this purpose may be subject to release under the Freedom of Information Acts 1997 to 2003 and may be placed on the Department’s website.