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An Agreed Programme for Government - June 2007


A Blueprint for Ireland’s Future 2007-2012

This Programme for Government sets out in clear and ambitious terms our shared vision for Ireland’s development over the coming five years.

The hard work of Irish people has helped to create a dynamic society and a strong economy. This Government will work with the Irish people to safeguard the gains made, and to build a strong and sustainable nation for future generations.

We believe that the contents of this Programme will act as a blueprint for the next five years. It addresses the major challenges which we face, and sets out how these challenges can be addressed and overcome. Working with energy and commitment, we believe that Ireland can now turn the challenges we face into opportunities.

Time and again the Irish people have shown their ability to succeed despite adversity, and to adapt to achieve their goals.

Areas of particular importance include:

  • rolling out infrastructure nationwide,
  • combating climate change, and
  • delivering a fully modern, patient-centred health service.

These are areas upon which we will place particular focus, and areas where we have ambitious plans that will be delivered during the lifetime of this Government.

Along with addressing the major challenges that we now face, we are more mindful than ever, that all of our shared ambitions must be matched by a strong and growing economy. This Government will ensure that Ireland’s economic success over recent years is continued and strengthened.

We believe that this Programme of Government is one which every Irish person can be proud of. It provides a clear direction for the country, and will deliver a stronger, more caring and environmentally sustainable Ireland for generations to come.

Bertie Ahern T.D.

Trevor Sargent T.D

Mary Harney T.D.

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