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Cross Departmental Team to the Cabinet Committee on Housing, Infrastructure and PPPs Eighth Annual Progress Report, 2006


The objective of the Cabinet Committee is to facilitate cohesive and co-ordinated delivery across the administrative system of infrastructure investment under the National Development Plan (NDP) and related major national infrastructure projects (including roads, public transport, ports and airports, sanitary services, waste management, energy and communications) and to facilitate delivery of the Government’s housing objectives. The membership and remit of the Cabinet Committee is set out at Appendix 1. 

This work has helped to improve significantly the capacity for the delivery of national infrastructure, especially in terms of time and cost.  Key developments since the establishment of the Cabinet Committee include:

  • The simpler and speedier project approvals enabled by the Planning and Development Act 2000;
  • The 5-year rolling multi-annual capital investment envelopes introduced in 2004;
  • The 10-year envelope for public investment in transport infrastructure introduced under Transport 21 in November 2005;
  • The revised Capital Appraisal Guidelines for public capital projects introduced in early 2005, including that all capital projects over €30m will require full cost-benefit analysis;
  • The supporting range of value-for-money measures introduced by the Minister for Finance in October 2005, particularly in terms of strengthened arrangements for project management, oversight and accountability;
  • Greater use of more efficient fixed-price lump-sum Design and Build contracts;
  • The greater cost certainty that will be delivered by the new regime for public sector construction contracts; and
  • Greater useof PPPs in certain sectors, and the creation of a new PPP Centre of Expertise in the NDFA.