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Annual Report 2007 (including Annual Output Statement)


A Message from the Taoiseach

This is the third report on progress made in achieving the priorities outlined in my Department’s Strategy Statement 2005-2007.  Throughout 2007, my Department has continued to work with other Departments and agencies to ensure an integrated approach to delivering the Government’s agenda, and to ensuring that policies are translated into effective service delivery.

This report incorporates the Department’s Annual Output Statement for 2008, which is designed to match key outputs, inputs and resources to activities, outputs and outcomes across each of the Department’s strategic objectives and priorities.

Priorities for 2007 included progressing implementation of the Good Friday Agreement and Irish interests in European and International circles; economic and social policy developments; monitoring of progress in relation to Towards 2016 and continued progress on the modernisation agenda for the public service, particularly with regard to the OECD Review of the Irish Public Service and the development and piloting of a series of Organisational Reviews.

These achievements show the ongoing commitment of the staff in my Department to achieving high-quality results, and to carrying out the Department’s mission of supporting me and my Government in fulfilling our responsibilities.

Brian Cowen, TD