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Action Programme for the Millennium (1998)


The detailed basis for the policies to be implemented by the new Government are contained in the manifestos published by Fianna Fáil (People Before Politics) and the Progressive Democrats (A New Deal) and in the joint statements issued during Election`97.

This Action Programme for the New Millennium outlines some of the main objectives of the new Government over key areas of public life for the next five years. These are the points of principle and some of the priorities that Fianna Fáil and the Progressive Democrats have agreed will guide our administration.

Incorporated in these policies is the commitment to fulfil the engagements entered into with the social partners in Partnership 2000, which runs until 1999, with a view to maximising the benefits of economic growth and social solidarity.

Bertie Ahern - Leader of the Fianna Fáil Party
Mary Harney - Leader of the Progressive Democrats

Fianna Fáil and the Progressive Democrats will work in partnership together and with others to create a peace and prosperity on this island, going into the 21st century, that the Irish people have never before experienced.

The policies of the new Government will aim to cultivate in Irish society abundant opportunities for employment and a strong spirit of enterprise, which will enable both individuals and communities, at every level, to develop to the full their natural abilities and talents.

The Fianna Fáil and the Progressive Democrats in Government will also seek to establish an inclusive society where everyone will have the opportunity and the incentive to participate in the workforce, to contribute to the wealth of the nation and to share in the benefits of economic growth, whether or not they are engaged full-time in bringing up a family or caring for relations.

The Fianna Fáil / Progressive Democrat Government will ensure that the fruits of economic prosperity are prudently availed of to foster a truly caring society, where the needs of our elderly citizens, people with disabilities, the unemployed, our children and all in our society who are vulnerable are paramount.

We wish to see Ireland fulfil its destiny, as a modern European nation and member of the EU, with close ties to Britain, America, Australia and Canada in particular. The establishment of a lasting and equitable peace in Ireland and the successful transition to European Economic and Monetary Union will be the key challenges that the new Government will face.

The full implementation of our Programme will depend in many instances on continued strong growth in the economy, as all polices will be subject to the overriding requirement to stay within the terms of the EU Growth and Stability Pact and the Maastricht Criteria.

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