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Strategy Statement of the Department of the Taoiseach 1998 - 2001


Introduction to the Strategy Statement

This Strategy Statement represents an important milestone for the Department of the Taoiseach. It provides a blueprint for our work over the next three years. Most importantly, it sets out the actions we need to take over this period in order to achieve our objectives and continuously improve the service we deliver.

This Strategy Statement is the first that the Department has produced under the Public Service Management Act, 1997. In addition to setting out our key goals and objectives, it provides the basis for formal delegation of responsibility and accountability for the achievement of these objectives to teams and individuals working at all levels within the Department.

This represents a significant and positive change in the way the Irish Civil Service has operated in the past. It will enable us to put in place more effective systems for managing the Department as a whole, for monitoring performance at Divisional and individual level and further improving service standards. An essential element in this process will be the identification of the skills and competencies required for high performance at all levels and the provision of training to enable individuals to fully realise their potential in contributing to the work of the Department.

We recognise that the successful implementation of these changes will require the active support and involvement of everyone working in the Department. This will be achieved through the establishment of a Partnership Committee which will oversee the implementation of the change process on an agreed basis by management, staff and unions. We believe this partnership approach will enable us to deliver on our objectives and constantly improve the services we provide to the Taoiseach, Government Chief Whip and all of the customers of the Department.

Frank Murray,

Secretary General to the Government.

Paddy Teahon

Secretary General of the Department.

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