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Framework for Action on Infrastructural Development, including Public Private Partnership


This Framework for Action was prepared for the Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure and PPPs by a Cross-Departmental Team of Officials. It was approved by the cabinet Committee in September and subsequently by the Government.

The key elements of the Framework have been included in the National Developments Plan 2000-2006.

Key Recommendations

(a) The core inter urban road infrastructure and Dublin transport package set out in paragraph 7 and in Appendix I to be given top priority and form an integral part of the NDP. Other outstanding transport and PPP decisions to be made by end of year.

(b) The recommendations for improved programme and project delivery in appendices II and III to be endorsed by the Committee and implemented by the delivery agencies.

(c) The PPP process to be resourced and accelerated

(d) Larger scale road projects to be undertaken and construction capacity to be increased, including through encouragement of international competition.

(e) The Planning Bill to be enacted by Easter 2000.

(f) Rapid infrastructural development to be a key plank of any successor agreement to P2000.

(g) A communications strategy to be put in place at a number of levels to mobilise public support for the accelerated infrastructure programme.

(h) The Cabinet Committee to meet on an ongoing basis with Departmental officials and the Chief Executives of NRA and CIE to review progress on the key objectives at (a) above.

(i) The team to prepare a scoping report by end of year on institutional, administrative, legal, communications and other infrastructural issues. Possible improvements and alternatives to judicial review including the need for any constitutional change to form part of this report.


1. The Government decision of 15 June 1999 established a Cabinet Committee on Infrastructural Development, including Public Private Partnership, to be chaired by the Taoiseach and to include the Tánaiste, the Minister for Finance, the Minister for Public Enterprise, the Minister for the Environment and Local Government and the Attorney General.

2. The Government also decided that the secretariat to the Committee would be provided by a cross-departmental team, including the Departments of the Taoiseach; Enterprise; Trade and Employment; Finance; Environment and Local Government; Public Enterprise and the Attorney General's Office: The terms of reference of the team are to develop and oversee implementation of the framework for action, and in particular:

a) deal with the planning approval issues to reduce the time taken, including by legislation and/or constitutional change,

b) support the development and implementation of the Public/Private Partnership framework, and

c) support the ongoing work of the Cabinet Committee;

3. The team were mandated to propose a framework of action to the Cabinet Committee, by mid-September, together with implementation structures and timescale.

4. The Cross Departmental Team has met on 5 occasions and has agreed the framework for action to be submitted to the Cabinet Committee. The framework is in 6 parts as follows:

Section 1 identifies and seeks agreement to priority objectives

Section 2 proposes a programme of action to support acceleration of overall programme and individual project delivery

Section 3 addresses bottlenecks and constraints, including capacity, skills and institutional barriers.

Section 4 identifies the legal issues which need to be addressed.

Section 5 makes recommendations in order to mobilise the widest possible support for the delivery of the planned investment programme.

Section 6 sets out the proposed future work programme of the team and the Cabinet Committee on Infrastructural Development.