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Report for 1998 and 1999 of Progress made under the Strategy Statement 1998-2001



This Report sets out the progress made in 1998 and 1999 against the key priorities identified in the Departments Strategy Statement 1998-2001. It also updates the material in the Strategy Statement in light of developments in the intervening period and refocuses on the Departments aims and objectives to bring it forward into 2001.

The work of the Department involves a very wide range of policy initiatives, by virtue of the Taoiseach's role as Head of Government. Progress must be judged on our response to these issues. As the report illustrates, the Department has made considerable advances in meeting the objectives set out in the Strategy Statement.

We wish to acknowledge the significant contribution made by the staff of the Department to the marked enhancement in the Departments performance and for the high quality service delivered to our customers, which continues to be a key priority. We look forward to their continued hard work, dedication and enthusiasm in enabling the Department to realise its key objectives.

Dermot Gallagher
Secretary General of the Department      

Dermot McCarthy
Secretary General to the Government

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