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Implementation of the Strategy Statement to 31 December 2003


A Message from the Taoiseach

I am very pleased to introduce my Departments Annual Report for 2001. 

This report outlines the response of the Department of the Taoiseach to the changes and challenges presented in 2001, the actions taken, the policies developed and progressed and the outcomes of these activities. 

The outcomes presented would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of the staff of the Department, at all levels, and I wish to thank them for their endeavours. 

Bertie Ahern,T.D.


Introduction by the Secretary General

This report sets out the main achievements of the Department of the Taoiseach during 2001 and the progress made against the key priorities outlined in our Strategy Statement to 31 December 2003. 

This is the first report to be made in relation to the implementation of our second Strategy Statement prepared under the Public Service Management Act, 1997.

Some of the issues progressed in 2001 included: 

  • Publication by the Irish and British Governments of their proposals for moving forward on the outstanding issues in relation to the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, towards a peaceful future for all the people of Ireland, and of these islands 

  • Establishment of a National Forum on Europe, in response to the Nice Treaty referendum, to act as a forum for an inclusive and broadly based debate on Europe, and Ireland's role therein 
  • Continued implementation of a wide ranging set of commitments contained in the Programme for Prosperity and Fairness and the establishment of the new National Centre for Partnership and Performance 

  • Completion of the review of the National Anti-Poverty Strategy, in consultation with the social partners, building an inclusive society 

  • An independent evaluation of the Strategic Management Initiative, assisting in the revitalisation of the modernisation programme in the Civil Service 
  • Implementation of a broad range of modernisation initiatives in the Department.

In addition, the Department continued its core work in providing the Secretariat to the Government and support to the Taoiseach. 

I am satisfied that this annual report is a fair representation of the milestones and accomplishments of the Department in 2001.There were many outcomes during the year which reflect the diversity of the work undertaken by the Department, outcomes which would not have been possible without the commitment and professionalism of the staff of the Department. I would like to thank them for their efforts in this regard. 

We would welcome any comments on how we might improve future reports, or indeed any aspect of the service we provide to the public, which we continuously aim to improve and develop. 

Dermot McCarthy
Secretary General

May 2002 

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