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Strategy Statement to 31st December 2003


Introduction by the Secretary General

This Strategy Statement is the second prepared under the reforms introduced by the Public Service Management Act,1997. It therefore represents an important consolidation of the strategic management process in the Department,which is mirrored in developments elsewhere across the public service. It is the product of a wide consultation process with staff in the Department, and I would like to thank all concerned for their contributions.

The Department of the Taoiseach, more than any other Government Department, is subject to frequent change in its role and responsibilities. In the period of the last Strategy Statement (1998-2001),we were involved in projects as diverse as the Millennium Celebrations, the Commemoration of the 1798 Rising and Sports Campus Ireland,while at the same time continuing to discharge the core functions of supporting the Taoiseach, the Minister of State and the Government and of advancing major national priorities.

The Strategic Priorities we have identified relate to issues of key national importance such as Northern Ireland, the European Union, Economic and Social Policy, Infrastructural Development, the Information Society, Social Partnership and Public Service Reform.We have a key role to play in close association with other Departments and Offices,especially the Departments of Finance and Foreign Affairs, in the initiation and co-ordination of strategic cross-Departmental initiatives, where we aim to contribute a forward-looking,whole of Government perspective.

This Statement sets a clear strategic direction for the Department's activities for the next three years. It will form the basis for a continued, and improving, service to the Taoiseach, the Government, the Chief Whip and indeed to all citizens.

Dermot McCarthy

Secretary General

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