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Sixth Progress Report of the Cross-Departmental Team on Housing, Infrastructure and PPP's


The Cabinet Committee normally meets once a month and has met 7 times during the period covered by this Progress Report.  The Committee is supported by a Cross-Departmental Team comprising senior officials from relevant Government Departments and chaired by the Department of the Taoiseach.  Specialist groups operated as necessary throughout 2004 under the Committee and Team structure to address issues in the key areas of the National Spatial Strategy, NDP communications, legal issues, housing, broadband, wider energy policy and the treatment of infrastructure relative to the General Government Balance.

The Cross Departmental Team adopted its work programme for the year in January 2004 – see Appendix 1.  In general terms, the programme included monitoring progress and reviewing priorities under the various NDP infrastructure headings, working to secure better value for money outcomes and assessing the scope for the speedier delivery of outputs.  More specifically over the course of the year, a number of policy areas were discussed including Roads, Housing, Education, Energy, Ports, PPPs and Legal and Planning issues.