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Strategy Statement: 2005 - 2007


Ireland has been undergoing a process of profound economic and social transformation over the past number of years. It has been widely acknowledged that our education system, the social partnership agreements, prudent fiscal management, effective but light regulation, proactive participation at the heart of Europe, and a supportive enterprise environment have played key roles in Ireland's economic miracle. In turn, this has provided a solid platform for social development with regard to employment opportunities and living standards. As well as being a time of prosperity, it has also been a time of peace.

The Department of the Taoiseach's Strategy Statement for the period 2005-2007 clearly identifies the key role the Department will play in continuing to progress national priorities identified in the programme for Government including:

  • Sustaining a strong knowledge-based economy and ensuring balanced development
  • Building a caring society
  • Supporting civic life through good government
  • Protecting and promoting our interests within the EU and the wider world and
  • Our overriding priority of securing lasting peace in Ireland.

The period ahead will require that the Department is positioned to meet future challenges and create new opportunities and responses. I welcome the publication of this Strategy Statement and I am confident that it provides a robust foundation for my Department's contribution to meeting the challenges that now face us.

I am grateful to all of the individuals working in the Department for their support to me in fulfilling my duties as Taoiseach. I look forward to working with them and other stakeholders to progress the changes ahead.

Bertie Ahern,TD

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