Delivering Better Government


Following consideration of the First Report of the Co-ordinating Group of Secretaries, established under the Strategic Management Initiative (SMI), the Government on 2 March 1995 mandated the Group to:

  • review existing systems for making decisions, allocating responsibility and ensuring accountability in the Irish Service; and
  • bring forward for Government consideration, proposals for an integrated programme to modernise the systems and practices in question and for the consequent modernisation of existing personnel and financial management in the Civil Service.

This Report is the Group's response to the Government decision.

It is the task of Government to set the agenda for the Civil Service through its policy programmes. Accordingly, the Co-ordinating Group set its mandate in the context of the Government Policy Agreement A Government of Renewal which contains a wide-ranging agenda for change and renewal of the Public Service, based on a renewal of the relationship between Government and people. The Co-ordinating Group's recommendations are designed to ensure that the Civil Service is efficiently and effectively managed to achieve the objectives set for it by Government.

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