Programme for Economic and Social Progress


This Programme is a strategy to accelerate economic and social progress in the nineties. The strategy is simple. It is to maintain a low-inflation economy with a stable exchange rate which can compete internationally and give us the higher standards of living and improved social services to which we aspire.

To secure such an economy we need this partnership in commitment and co-operation between the Government and the principal economic and social interests in our society.  With agreement on the objectives and means to develop our society, which this Programme contains, we look forward to a decade of progress, growth and reform.

The Programme for National Recovery showed what can be done when we work together to improve our standards of living and social equity. A small trading economy cannot prosper with divisive and competing interests. That is the lesson we can learn from other small, more prosperous economies who have organised themselves to pursue agreed objectives and adopt agreed means for the development and improvement of their societies.

In the Programme for National Recovery and this Programme for Economic and Social Progress we have fundamentally changed our approach to managing our affairs. Partnership between all the interests in our society is the way forward.

This Programme gives us the capacity to transform Irish society in this decade so that we increase significantly our prosperity and distribute that prosperity more equitably and fairly.

It is the outcome of prolonged negotiations between the Government and the social partners entered into constructively by all concerned in the interests of all our people.

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