A Career in Europe


The EU Institutions offer the opportunity to pursue a rewarding international career in a uniquely multicultural and multilingual environment. As an EU official, you serve more than 500 million EU citizens across 28 member states and have the chance to apply your knowledge and skills in developing policy that has a real and meaningful impact on peoples’ lives.

The work of the EU is very wide ranging and, reflecting that, the Institutions require staff with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets. Linguists and lawyers are, of course, always in demand, but so are economists, ICT specialists, scientists and veterinarians, as well as administrative and support staff with more general backgrounds.  The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO), the recruitment service of the EU institutions and agencies, profiles the positions for which it most regularly recruits here, but many other opportunities are also available.  

The range of work places is just as wide. While a little over half of the EU’s total staff are employed at the European Commission, it is far from the EU’s only major employer. Other Institutions - ranging from the European Parliament and Council to the European Court of Justice - also recruit staff regularly, as do the European Agencies, based right across the 28 Member States. The Commission’s careers page and the recruitment page of the European Parliament Information Office offer useful information on the type of work you might undertake in those institutions.

Whatever your background, then, if you have the right attitude and the right aptitudes, it’s likely that there is a career opportunity in the EU for you.