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Will I be charged for requesting information under the FOI Act?


There is no fee for making a request under Freedom of Information.

It is very unlikely that any fees will be charged in respect of personal records, except where a large number of records are involved.

In the case of non-personal requests, charges may be applied for the time spent finding records and for any reproduction costs incurred by the Department in providing you with the material requested where the total cost exceeds €100. Where this minimum threshold (equivalent to five free hours) is exceeded, a rate of €20 per hour will be charged for the full amount of time spent.   

A maximum ceiling of €500 generally applies to such fees but where the cost of search, retrieval and copying is greater than €700, the request may be refused unless the scope of the request is narrowed.

List of Fees

Search and retrieval:

  • €20.00 per hour

Copying charges

  • Photocopy per sheet: €0.04
  • CD-ROM: €10.00
  • Radiograph: €6.00


  • Internal review fee €30 (€10 for medical card holders)
  • Appeal to the Information Commissioner €50 (€15 for medical card holders)