Customer Complaints Procedure


The Department of the Taoiseach makes every effort to ensure that the services we provide to our customers fully meet their needs expectations and are delivered in a friendly, courteous and efficient manner. However, we accept that on occasion a customer may feel dissatisfied with the levels of service provision and delivery they have received. If any customer feels that they have an issue with the service received, they have the right to complain directly to the individual or section they have been dealing with, where we would hope that any problems can be resolved.

If this proves not to be the case and a customer feels the they should lodge an official complaint, the Department of the Taoiseach has in place a robust Customer Complaints Procedure to ensure that all complaints are investigated thoroughly, fairly and in confidence. The Customer Service Officer will respond to any official complaint within 15 days of receipt or, if this is not possible, issue an interim reply advising of the reasons for the delay and when a substantive response will issue. Any customer not satisfied with the response of the Customer Service Officer has the right of appeal to the Head of Corporate Affairs in the Department. If the complainant feels the matter has not been resolved to their satisfaction they still have the right of appeal to the Office of the Ombudsman. A copy of the full Customer Complaints Procedure is attached below.

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