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Budget will provide jobs stimulus - Taoiseach


The Taoiseach says that Budget 2010 will provide a significant stimulus for jobs, training and employment opportunities.

"The measures in Budget 2010 mean that 180,000 individuals will receive training or supports in 2010 at a total cost of over €1.1 billion" according to Mr. Cowen.

The Taoiseach pointed out that through Budget 2010
80,000 jobs will be supported through the Employment Subsidy Scheme
Over €900 million will be invested in 2010 protecting jobs and providing training and activation supports,
Over €200m will be invested in enterprise supports.
More than 73,000 people will be helped to maintain part-time jobs or casual work.

The Taoiseach said that a key goal of Budget 2010 is to put Ireland firmly on the road to recovery and to build the Smart Economy.

This recovery will be underpinned by
A €40 billion investment over the next six years in infrastructure that will provide jobs and support economic growth. At 5% of national income this is twice the European average and is expected to create at least 60,000 jobs;
A national Energy-efficiency Retrofit Programme and tax incentives for energy efficiency creating 5,000 jobs in 2010;
A car scrappage scheme and tax incentives for electric and hybrid vehicles which will support up to 2000 jobs;
Reductions in excise duties on alcohol and lower VAT to assist Hotels, Catering and the Retail Sector;
Tax breaks for start-up companies and continued investment in research and development;
Support for a marketing drive and investment in visitor attractions in the Tourism Sector;
Funding for Agriculture and Forestry.

The Taoiseach also pointed to the introduction of a new employer PRSI exemption for new employees, which will reduce the cost to business of creating new jobs, support employment and help to get the economy moving again.

Mr. Cowen made it clear that the government is prioritising projects with the most immediate positive impact on jobs and growth.

"This Budget is the start of a new phase - where we begin to create sustainable jobs as the global economy begins to pick-up."

The Taoiseach was speaking during the Budget debate in the Dáil.