BaileNuachtCartlann Aitheasc agus Preaseisiúintí

Government Press Statement on "Re-finding Success in Europe: The Challenge for Irish Institutions and Policy" - a report by the National Economic and Social Council (NESC)


The Taoiseach today welcomed the report from the National Economic and Social Council Re-finding Success in Europe: The Challenge for Irish Institutions and Policy. The report underlines the fact that membership of the EU and the success of the Union are of critical importance to Ireland's sustainable economic and social development. Its analysis demonstrates how the internal market and other EU policies facilitated Ireland's economic and social progress in the past two decades. It emphasises that this is the context in which Ireland's EU experience should be considered.

The Report demonstrates that Ireland has succeeded where our policy system, public agencies and partnership approach have adjusted to reflect processes at EU level and where this has been matched by a similar problem-solving approach at domestic level. Examples include the internal market, environmental protection, the new employment rights infrastructure and food safety. Both Ireland and the EU have had less success where there have been less effective systems of peer review and coordination.

The report correctly identifies two key challenges for both Ireland and the EU. First, the EU and the Member States must continue to take action to protect the euro, implement the stronger system of economic coordination agreed at the European Council, address the deficit and debt problems, support macroeconomic recovery and respond to the further risk of financial sector turbulence.

Second, the EU and the member states must strengthen the processes of reform and peer review to make a success of the, recently adopted, Europe 2020 Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth.

Ireland has a strong interest in the success of EU initiatives on both these fronts and must undertake the reforms that are necessary to achieve this.


16th December 2010