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Increased Dáil Sitting Days prove Government is delivering on Reform Agenda – Govt Chief Whip


Friday 16th December 2011

Government Chief Whip, Minister Paul Kehoe TD, has described the Government’s success in increasing the number of Dáil sitting days as proof that the Government is delivering on its Reform Agenda.

“Between September and December 2011 the Dáil sat 45 days compared to just 35 Dáil sitting days during the same four months in 2010.  This is an increase of almost 30%.”

“The extra sitting days were as a result of the Government’s decisions to return two weeks earlier in September 2011 compared to 2010, not take a mid-term break as was the practice under past Governments and sit on a number of Fridays to discuss Private Members Bills.  The Dáil sat for 14 straight weeks this term, the longest term in a number of years.”

“Since the change of Government the number of Dáil sitting days has already been increased by 25.5%.  We are making good progress towards the Programme for Government’s commitment to increasing the Dáil sitting days by 50% and as the full impact of our reform is felt next year this progress will continue.”

“From the 9th March 2011, the day Enda Kenny was elected Taoiseach, to today the 16th December 2011, the Dáil has sat for 99 days compared with only 79 sitting days between 9th March 2010 the last day of term in December 2010.”

 “Since the change of Government we have reduced the length of  the Dáil Summer break by four weeks and the breaks at Christmas and at Easter by a week each.  The Dáil now resumes earlier after bank holidays and regular Friday sitting days have been introduced.”

“The Programme for Government includes an ambitious process of Oireachtas Reform; increasing the number of Dáil sitting days by 50%, an extensive process of Dáil Reform, a referendum to abolish the Seanad and a new Oireachtas Committee system.  Work is under way in all these areas and while we have made some progress so far this year more progress will be evident in 2012.”



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